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Why institutions invest in MOOC!

The annual survey on institutional MOOC strategies is available for the fourth year! The main purpose of the survey is to determine the strategies of higher education institutions (HEIs) on MOOCs and their reasons (not) to be involved and to address the possible differences and similarities between HEIs in different regions. For this reason some […]

25th October Webinar

MOOCs have proved to be something more than a fad. They are constantly evolving and there is still ample space for the cooperation of universities and educational technology firms to design such courses and offer accessibility to everyone. On the part of higher education, the MOONLITE Project consortium (working at four partner universities, namely ESCP […]

MOONLITE Meeting in Berlin

On the 28-29th September the MOONLITE Consortium had a meeting at ESCP Berlin Campus, which is one of the partner universities. Their time was devoted both to work and purposeful socialising. They worked on the outputs of the project, but they also enjoyed a guided visit by a refugee and they had dinner at a place […]