The UNED Scenarios

UNED’s scenario includes the design and implementation of two MOOCs Spanish Language MOOC based on specific programmes for the teaching of the language to refugees and migrants with a functional orientation aimed at fulfilling the most immediate needs and tasks of these groups: going to the doctor, moving around the city, looking for a home, etc. As we understand it, this is not strictly a language course to use, but rather the language would be integrated with contents related to the first communicative scenarios that newcomers to our country must face

The design and development of these LMOOCs follow a set of criteria according to displaced peoples needs, that have been divided in 4 categories: technological, linguistic, methodological, cultural and ethical; and will be carried out with the collaboration of interested stakeholders such as support groups higher educational institutions. In addition, it is imperative that these MOOCs will be implemented with the support scaffolding and tutoring provided through collaborative work including the support associations.