MOOCs for
Social Inclusion

MOOCs for Employability

MOOCs for Social Inclusion & Employability

Widening and improving teaching at European universities

Creating new educational pathways for refugees

Building entrepreneurial and language skills

Project Outputs

Exploiting MOOCs for access and progression into HEI & employment market

The report consists of the implementation of a set of scenarios in partner HEIs and among our partnership engaging 175 students and refugees.

Cost–benefit analysis tool - Exploiting non-formal online courses for 2nd and 3rd mission of higher education

The tool will allow institutions to quantify the contribution that MOOCs and other informal online courses make to institutions’ triple bottom line (i.e., financial, environmental and social), and how their effectiveness compares to other more traditional services offered by the same higher educational institutions.

How to design and utilize MOOCs for refugees

A free online course on how to best utilise MOOCs for the education of refugees.

A viable role of MOOCs in European HEIs - Vision & recommendations

Guidelines for policy makers at HEI level and at regional/governmental level how to maximise the potential of MOOCs for educational system and for society