Why institutions invest in MOOC!

The annual survey on institutional MOOC strategies is available for the fourth year!

The main purpose of the survey is to determine the strategies of higher education institutions (HEIs) on MOOCs and their reasons (not) to be involved and to address the possible differences and similarities between HEIs in different regions. For this reason some questions are identical to the U.S. surveys by Allen and Seaman (see e.g., their report of 2014).

The survey is largely a repetition of the surveys of the last three years. Reports of previous years are available online: 2014 survey, 2015; 2016/2017. This survey was initially conducted by the HOME project and is now continued as part of the MOONLITE project.

You are encouraged to complete the questions even if your institution decided not to offer MOOCs (yet). Please complete this survey only if you are familiar with the reasons why your institution is or is not involved in MOOCs.

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