I MOONLITE Multiplier Event: MOOCs for university teaching and supporting refugees

23-24 November, UNED (Madrid, Spain).

Friday November 23

Welcome (Timothy Read & Elena Barcena, UNED, Spain) https://canal.uned.es/video/5bfbcd2ab1111f5e718b916d 

Presentation of the MOONLITE project and its outputs (Jorge Arús-Hita, UCM, Spain & Beatriz Sedano, UNED, Spain) https://canal.uned.es/series/5bfbccafb1111f5f718b91b8

Open Education Passports and Micro Credentials for refugees and migrants (Ildiko Mazar, Education Quality Institute, Estonia) https://canal.uned.es/video/5bfbcedbb1111f5b718b9132

Kiron Educational Model and Quality Assurance for MOOC-based curricula (María Bloecher, Kiron, Germany) https://canal.uned.es/video/5bfbced8b1111f5b718b912c

Saturday November 24

Inclusive by design: how MOOCs have the potential to reach people in ways other online courses do not (Kate Borthwick, University of Southampton, UK) https://canal.uned.es/video/5bfbdc89b1111f5e718b91d6

A tool for institutions for quantifying the costs & benefits of Open Education (Anthony Camilleri, Knowledge Innovation Centre, Malta) https://canal.uned.es/video/5bfbdc89b1111f5e718b91d9

Workshop on how to design a socially inclusive MOOC (Elena Martín- Monje & Timothy Read, UNED, Spain) https://canal.uned.es/video/5bfbdc88b1111f5e718b91d3 /https://canal.uned.es/video/5bfbdc88b1111f5e718b91d0