The ESCP Scenarios

Supporting Progression through ESCP with language MOOCs

This scenario involves supporting the progression of ESCP Europe students enrolling a Master in Management (MiM) degree or a Bachelor program through the use of existing MOOCs for learning Spanish, French, Italian, English, German Level from A1 to C1. ECTS would be given for these MOOCs.

Inclusion of Refugees in ESCP Programmes

In collaboration with Kiron University, the ESCP Europe would first recognize the ECTS that have been acquired through the online learning cursus of Kiron University. Depending on refugees’ academic background and cursus followed at Kiron University some Online catch up courses would be proposed to Kiron students during the summer in order to ensure that Kiron students have all the knowledge needed to start the ESCP Master program. This summer program is open to all future Master students that did not follow the two years French preparation classes (“classe préparatoire”), thus Kiron University students will have the possibility to meet other students and start studying with them before starting the Master program in September.

Integrating MOOCs into existing Programmes

The third scenario aims at integrating online learning in regular programs, especially for topics that are less business orientated such as “liberal arts”. Those subjects are usually elective and using existing MOOCs for elective will enable the ESCP Europe to increase its offer of electives. We proposed to 1) identify existing MOOCs that could replace the traditional offer of classroom-based elective and 2) set up an arrangement with MOOC providers 3) propose them to the students. A clear benefit is foreseen for students that are highly demanded at the ESCP Europe. Additionally to the courses the students have to follow, students do internships and firm-based project. Thus, proposing courses that can be done at home, in the evening or in the week-end might well help them to successfully manage all the requirements of the ESCP Europe learning programs. One elective represents 90 hours of learning that should be covered by the MOOC. For instance, the elective humanities and liberal arts could be offered through existing MOOCs. ECTS would be proposed.